Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Home Finished

Here's how the print I've been working on turned out. I'm pretty excited about it! This will be the cover for the dummy that I'm working on now.

Above is the linoleum. I carved it without attaching it to a backing block this time and it worked fine. I had to have a rigid board to support it while printing so it wouldn't move. Printing big images by hand is always a little challenging. The bigger the linocut, the more likely it will shift a tiny bit while I am rubbing the back and give me a bad print.

Here's a photo of me carving the sun rays. I swear my nose isn't really that big! It must be the camera angle. :)

Pulling the print up to peek is always a favorite moment. I love seeing how it turned out!

Here's how the black and white print looks. I left space a little thin and splotchy so when I add gouache it will show up more and look neat.

This is what the front cover will look like and the sun will be on the back. Yay for Our Home!


  1. Jill, this is absolutely fabulous!! Your pictures of earth are my favorites. They are show-stopping!

    1. Thank you so much, Dow! And thanks for always being so supportive!!