Saturday, February 27, 2016


I made a few new pieces quickly and out of curiosity this week. I'm getting better at making art on a whim and following my instincts. In the past I've mostly worked in a long, drawn-out process, like an entire book with years of critiques and rewrites behind it. Also, my usual medium is linocut and they take time. I've started feeling really good about this new combination of mixed-media techniques I'm using that can happen much faster than a linocut.

There was really no good reason to make these three little illustrated poems. I'm not trying to get them published, but I think I'm trying to get more comfortable sharing my writing even if it isn't perfect. So I made these and posted them on Facebook and Instagram. All of these were written in the past but rewritten this week, and the art is new. I hope you like them!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Dummy Update

In this recent version of my text, I added some more detail and made the story a little longer. That means I have more images, but I want to keep the book to 32 pages. So some images are being combined or only taking one page instead of a full spread. I think it makes the book feel a little more dense and hopefully a little faster paced.

The photo above is a redrawing of two spreads from the last dummy combined into one image now. It took me a while to get done! Now on to the next page!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Favorite Trees

I wanted to share some of my favorite sketchbook pages from the last couple weeks of my 100 Trees project. Seeing them together, I realize I like the strong colors! I guess that shouldn't be a surprise. I like adding animals or people too, but most of the ones I made recently were painted in a way that didn't grab my eye when I was picking out these favorites.

I only have a month's worth of trees left to do and I'll be at 100!

I've also started working on my picture book dummy again after taking a break from it for a couple of months. I'm excited to see it develop. I will share some drawings as I have them. Thanks for checking in!