Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Painted! Printed!

Here's the painted version of the print I was working on below. This story is about being lonely and looking for a friend, so I decided to go with this gray version. Most of the story will be kind of subdued like this until Avery and Adele finally meet. Then all of the colors will be brighter.

I also painted one with bright colors, because I couldn't resist! But I think the gray one tells the story better.

I got the second block carved and printed as well. I need to let it dry a little longer before painting it. This is when they finally meet, so I get to paint it with happiness!

I mailed my little dummy today for the Don Freeman Grant application. Yeah! Can you believe they don't announce the winners until August? I wonder how many people apply?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Linocut artist Sherrie York interview

My artist friend Sherrie York in Salida Colorado just posted a video interview of herself. It's great! You can see her carving and printing as well as seeing her finished prints and listen to her talk about her inspiration.
Here is one of her beautiful reduction linocuts called Standing Still

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Next Block

I've started carving the next block for my story. I'm working a little faster and more frantically than I really like. Since I am so close to having this dummy finished, I want to send it in for the Don Freeman grant given by the SCBWI. But it has to be received (in paper form) by Feb. 2nd! Oh, I have so much to do still!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


This morning I finished carving the first block for my picture book dummy. And right away I printed it!

Here it is- Ta-da!

Now I have to wait several days for it to dry before painting it. To keep myself from going crazy waiting, sometimes I do a small computer print of the black and white and play around with colored pencils planning out the colors.
Now on to the next page....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Carving a new block

Last weekend I started on a new linocut for my picture book dummy. This block is slightly smaller than the  double page spreads I've done for other stories. It's 10 x 16 which is a nice size.

First I draw on tracing paper and then transfer the image to the block by rubbing the back of the tracing paper. Next I draw over the lines again to make sure they won't smudge off.

Carving a mountain!

I'm working my way over to the city. I'm really looking forward to painting this print! I think it needs subtler colors than I usually use. I'll post the block and print when I'm done.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


A little while ago I posted sketches from the dummy I'm working on now. I just finished it! I got to the end and still hadn't decided what to draw for the cover. All along, I thought somewhere in the story would be a spread like this showing a cut-away or map of the important places in the story. But it never happened. When I asked my husband what I should do for the cover he had this same idea. So I tried it! I think it's kind of cool. The flaps on either side of the lines would fold under the covers. The city is taking up a bit too much space, but I'm not going to worry about that yet.

So actually the front cover would look like this--- (plus title etc.)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Present from Sherrie York

Happy New Year!! I meant to post yesterday, but I have the first cold of the year and it wiped me out.
My husband, Matt and I went to Salida, CO for a late Christmas visit to his family. I also got to meet Sherrie York who is a linocut printer living in Salida. I've only known Sherrie from conversations online and it was wonderful to meet her! Sherrie makes lovely prints of trees, wild animals and the countryside around Salida. She is very very talented- you should check out her website, her blog where she posts photos of her working process or her store where you can buy her prints
When we were leaving, Sherrie gave me a present! Here are photos of it- This is a handmade book with reproductions of sketches and paintings she made from home, and while working in Holland and Maine. It's beautiful!! You can get a copy here.

My cat was determined to get in this photo- finally I let him.
I'm making something to pay you back, Sherrie! I just have to get feeling a little better first.
Happy New Year to everyone!!