Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Even though I haven't been posting, I've been doing artwork whenever I have time in between taking care of my new baby. Unfortunately, it's mostly been art business and restocking the local stores with my prints and cards. So in the meantime here are some fun and inspiring things to look at!

This is a magical illustration by Aaron Becker from his first picture book, Journey, coming out in August. It looks like a wonderful book and I can't wait to see it! You can watch the trailer Aaron has made here
This is a fun alphabet by Gyöngyi Balogh that I found on Elsa Mora's blog, Art is a Way. There are lots of beautiful alphabets in her post. And Elsa's work is not to be missed! Here are her paper cuts

You should really "like" Carin Berger's facebook page. She posts the most wacky collections of vintage photos and graphics! This image is from the album Vintage Japanese Magazines. Her own artwork is fantastic, and she posts process photos on facebook as well.

Check out this great post at Seven Impossible Things about how Sophie Blackall created her new picture book The Mighty Lalouche. So much work, but it looks marvelous!!

Design Seeds is a blog that posts different color palettes every day. I've been enjoying checking in there and thinking about color because I usually use the same colors again and again. I think I'll try one of these palettes on the next print I paint!

Illustrator Angela Matteson has been posting over on her blog about Lilla Roger's class, Make Art That Sells. Each week, Angela is sharing the assignment and her ideas and process for making the art. Here is her cover for The Snail and the Rose Tree. Go read about how she arrived at this final piece!

And here's my little cutie sporting her Cat in the Hat shirt just for fun!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Painting Lucky

I'm painting an oldie-but-goodie, Lucky the Dump Truck for my young neighbor Keet's bedroom. Every boy needs some truck art in his room, right?!

Below is the original painting that I'm matching (loosely).

I was having a hard time finishing this painting because my baby wanted to be held so much. So I finally figured out I could paint with her in the carrier!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I posted this top drawing, Dreaming of Flowers earlier, but here's its companion, Dreaming of the Ocean. The drawings are on tracing paper and the next step is to lay them upside down on a linoleum block and rub the back to get the pencil to transfer onto the block. Then I can carve! I'm not getting things done very quickly because of the new baby, so don't hold your breath. I can't wait to get back to printmaking, though!

And here's my little cutie napping in the studio and letting me get a little work done.