Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Painted! Printed!

Here's the painted version of the print I was working on below. This story is about being lonely and looking for a friend, so I decided to go with this gray version. Most of the story will be kind of subdued like this until Avery and Adele finally meet. Then all of the colors will be brighter.

I also painted one with bright colors, because I couldn't resist! But I think the gray one tells the story better.

I got the second block carved and printed as well. I need to let it dry a little longer before painting it. This is when they finally meet, so I get to paint it with happiness!

I mailed my little dummy today for the Don Freeman Grant application. Yeah! Can you believe they don't announce the winners until August? I wonder how many people apply?


  1. I love the world you created- the tippy buildings really add to the mood!

  2. I like both versions! But the misty greyish one is more evocative perhaps. I love the tippy building effect too :) My fingers are firmly crossed that you get the grant x