Wednesday, January 5, 2011


A little while ago I posted sketches from the dummy I'm working on now. I just finished it! I got to the end and still hadn't decided what to draw for the cover. All along, I thought somewhere in the story would be a spread like this showing a cut-away or map of the important places in the story. But it never happened. When I asked my husband what I should do for the cover he had this same idea. So I tried it! I think it's kind of cool. The flaps on either side of the lines would fold under the covers. The city is taking up a bit too much space, but I'm not going to worry about that yet.

So actually the front cover would look like this--- (plus title etc.)


  1. Perhaps not surprisingly Jill, I love it. One of my favourite picture books when I was just learning to read for myself was called 'Ellen Climbs a Mountain' and though I can't remember what was on the cover, I vividly remember gazing endlessly at the illustration of the mountain and trying to plotting my own course up! I just know children will do the same with this cover. I love the contrast of the cosy home with the fence around it and the neat paths with the wild untracked mountain, its peak not even in sight. Just wonderful.

  2. Thank you Anna. You are the best!!