Sunday, January 2, 2011

Present from Sherrie York

Happy New Year!! I meant to post yesterday, but I have the first cold of the year and it wiped me out.
My husband, Matt and I went to Salida, CO for a late Christmas visit to his family. I also got to meet Sherrie York who is a linocut printer living in Salida. I've only known Sherrie from conversations online and it was wonderful to meet her! Sherrie makes lovely prints of trees, wild animals and the countryside around Salida. She is very very talented- you should check out her website, her blog where she posts photos of her working process or her store where you can buy her prints
When we were leaving, Sherrie gave me a present! Here are photos of it- This is a handmade book with reproductions of sketches and paintings she made from home, and while working in Holland and Maine. It's beautiful!! You can get a copy here.

My cat was determined to get in this photo- finally I let him.
I'm making something to pay you back, Sherrie! I just have to get feeling a little better first.
Happy New Year to everyone!!

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  1. What a wonderful gift! It's so beautifully put together and such amazing pictures. I also think your cat is very sweet :)