Monday, July 6, 2015


I've been furiously drawing the artwork for my dummy, Our Home. There's nothing I'd like to post yet so I thought I'd share some of the great podcasts I've been listening to while drawing.

I've been loving podcasts about creativity and art career strategy. It's such a good feeling to get inspired and have some new insights into how to be a successful artist while drawing, carving, and painting. Listening keeps me focused on the art in front of me also. I tend to get less fidgety and distracted.

So here are a few great podcasts I've found. If you know others, please share them with me!

Andy J. Miller's Creative Pep Talk
Andy shares lots of concrete tips on how to improve your art business and gain clarity about your work.  And who doesn't need a pep talk? I know I often do! He's fun and inspiring and definitely full of good ideas.

Creating Your Own Path with Jennifer E. Snyder. These are weekly interviews with creative people. And Jennifer asks great questions that lead to interesting answers. 

Todd Henry's Accidental Creative Podcast.
There are years worth of podcasts here about all things related to art. Todd also has guest speakers who share their own insight.

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
These are conversations with  children's book industry professionals, authors, and illustrators. You can hear them if you are a SCBWI member.

These are interviews with lots of different people hosted by Alec Baldwin. I was skeptical at first but he's an excellent interviewer!

This is a great way to learn about lots of different topics. Each program is based on a theme and has excerpts from several different TED Talks and well as exploring the theme with the speakers even more than in the original talk.

Pencil vs Pixel is a series of interviews with different creative people.

The ones below are actually videos, but you don't have to watch them, they work well as something to listen to while creating.

Reading Rockets Interviews with Children's Authors and Illustrators There are so many great interviews here with the giants of children's books! They usually talk about their childhood, how they got into creating children's books, and a bit about a book that they created.

Creative Mornings is a lecture series that I just started exploring. There are so many of them!!

TED Talks Everyone has heard of TED talks, right? There are so many that it's hard to know what to listen to. I usually type in the search words "art" or "creativity" to find something interesting.

So have fun listening and let me know if you know other good ones!

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