Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ready for SCBWI

I've mentioned in posts that I'm going to the LA SCBWI Conference this year. And it's this weekend!!!! YAY!!

Here is my portfolio printed by Blurb, my postcards printed my Moo, and two picture book dummies printed by my excellent Epson printer! I'm so relieved to have that Our Home Dummy done.

I've gone to this conference two other times, and our regional Rocky Mountain Conference many times.  The first time I went to LA, I was really just taking everything in and trying not to get overwhelmed. A real highlight that year was talking to Loren Long and listening to his presentation as he jumped around impersonating a happy tractor.

During that conference I drew this doodle-

That turned into the biggest linocut I've ever done!

The second time I went to the LA Conference, I was having personal problems at home and was having a hard time staying focused. I was so sad that I didn't get as much out of that time as I could have. The highlights for me that year were workshops by Eugene Yelchin and Melissa Sweet. Eugene is incredibly intelligent and articulate. He was able to verbalize so many of those instinctive design decisions that you make (or don't) that create a great illustration. Thinking back, I need to pull those notes out and go over them again!

And Melissa Sweet is a very short force of nature! Her illustrations are so beautiful, detailed, energetic, fun and colorful! She was really good at giving us suggestions for ways to stay creative and come up with ideas. She also talked a lot about color which is good for me to hear since I haven't done much reading about color theory. 

Ooooh, I wonder what my favorite parts of this conference will be? I know I'm really looking forward to spending time with my friend, Dow Phumiruk who is an awesome illustrator. She is so positive and happy. I will share bits about my favorite presentations during or after the conference!


  1. Hooray, Jill! Your work looks great! We are going to have a fun long weekend!

  2. All the very best - have a wonderful time!