Friday, August 6, 2010

Back from the LA conference

It sure was an energizing SCBWI conference! I got to meet lots of great people, the speakers were inspiring, and I saw so many beautiful illustrations.

My favorite workshop happened at the very end. After my portfolio critique with the fabulous Marla Frazee, I walked around for a couple days trying to solve the issues she pointed out in my story. I think I was distracted and frustrated because I couldn't see the perfect solution. But in the last workshop with Loren Long it all started to come together.

Loren is such a ball of energy! He worked hard to give us real information we could use based on his techniques for creating the mood and flow of a picture book.

I had to leave for the airport shortly after his talk. But I spent my time waiting at the airport rewriting my story based on Marla's comments and starting new sketches based on Loren's working ideas.

These are just sketches, but I'm excited about them! I've also been working on character sketches which I may post later.

I'm so glad I got to go to the conference and I hope I'll be able to go again at least every couple of years!


  1. Gosh Darn it! This would have been a great year to go. I would have loved to have finally met ya! But I'm so glad you got to go Jill! Sounds like you had a great productive trip, and these sketches show a remarkable energy. Still very much you, but more so you know? Getting excited to see what comes next!