Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our Home

I'm really excited to get back to one of my favorite picture book dummies. It's title was Home, but since Carson Ellis' book Home came out I felt like slightly changing my title. Carson's book is really wonderful by the way, and I'd definitely recommend it!

So I'm going with the title Our Home. I sketched out a new dummy quite a while ago and didn't get further with it. But Ive pulled it out to finish and it reads well without too many changes. So I'm diving in! I'm going to be simultaneously cleaning up the sketches and carving a big linocut for the cover. I hope to have one or two linocuts and the new dummy finished by the time I go to the SCBWI LA Conference at the end of July. I'm working fast!

Here is the drawing on tracing paper for the block I'm about to start. Actually, for the first time I'm going to try carving a large piece- 19x10 with the linoleum unmounted. So I guess I can't call it a block.

And here's a super quick mock-up of the layout of the cover. I can't wait to get started!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might be sighing and thinking, "She's going to carve ANOTHER picture of the Earth?" And I feel your eye-roll and I sympathize with it. But I guess I just have to keep after this theme until I get it right. Cross your fingers with me that this will be the best version yet. :)

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