Sunday, June 21, 2015

Carving Our Home

I've been working away at this linocut for the cover of my dummy, Our Home. I included my reading glasses in this photo because they are a necessary tool! The other day I kept making little slips and mistakes. It was driving me crazy. A linocut with this much detail will have plenty of imperfections, but  I made 3 or 4 bad cuts on the very same house and it's because I couldn't see well.

I've only been wearing reading glasses for about 6 months and they are the weakest ones. But lately I've felt like my eyes were failing! Which was understandably upsetting. Then I finally realized that it's my lighting. A light right over the top just makes a glare on the linoleum. But lights to the side show me the shadows and that really helps my brain interpret the information. So I'm back on track and happy carving!

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