Saturday, July 26, 2014

Laura Wait's Bookmaking Class Second Half

Yesterday was the last day of class. Wow, what a success! There were so many beautiful books made. Here are a few photos-

Here are Margo Klass and Clara Boza working on their pages.

This is Grace Norman sewing her very first book ever. She's a convert though, I can tell.

Here's Laura Wait doing one last writing demo.

And here is everyone (except me.) We had a show and tell one evening to share books that we'd made at home before class and have a glass of wine.

Here's my book being sewn at night in our condo. Because my little girl, my husband, and my parents are also on this trip to Santa Fe I didn't stay late at the studio working. But I did take my book home to sew it. It's a lullaby book for Tessa because she has a hard time falling asleep. As I said in earlier posts, the lyrics of Blackbird by the Beatles are written in bits in this book because it's one of my favorite sleepy songs to sing to her. As as it turns out, my husband Matt was trying to get Tessa to sleep on the couch instead of her bed because the bedroom was so hot. I was sewing in the dining room out of view but nearby so Matt asked me to sing to her. So of course I sang Blackbird while sewing. It was perfect.

Here's how it turned out! And following are some of my favorite spreads-

And here is the collection of books that were made by everyone in the class-

Some really gorgeous books were made. And we had a lot of fun!

One last group photo. Left to right- Grace Norman, Margo Klass, Marsha Sterling, Clara Boza, Marilyn Chambers, Dorothy Wheeler, me, Laura Wait.

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