Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Traveling Book from Spain

I met Mariann Johansen-Ellis online a few years ago. She is a printmaker living in Spain, and soon moving to Denmark.  I'm a little bummed about her move in a selfish way- I want to visit Spain again and thought it would be neat to see her studio! I'll be happy to visit her wherever she lands, though. (You have to realize how unlikely a trip to Europe is for us. We rarely make it out of our  own pretty valley.)

Mariann started a traveling book that is going from artist to artist and being filled with beautiful original prints. When it's full she is going to auction it for charity. It's going to be an amazing book. It's only about a quarter full and I love the prints!

Here are some of my favorites-

This opening print is by Mariann. Check out the bird waves!

Spanish Hills by Sara Wall (or Sara Well?)

Church with a poem by ee cummings

Spring is in the Air by Jenny Kapteyn

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