Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mark Hearld

I wanted to share two beautiful books of artwork by one of my favorite artists, Mark Hearld.

Outside Your Window is a book of poems and writing for children by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Mark Hearld. It's a big hefty book of over 100 pages compared to most 32 page children's books. And the artwork is gorgeous! I originally fell in love with Mark's linocuts. But he mostly does collage and some lithographs. Below are some of my favorite collages from that book.

And the two spreads below are linocuts from Mark Hearld's Workbook. Aren't they heavenly? The Workbook is also a large book of artwork, images of Mark's eclectic collections, and writing about his process and inspirations. 

Mark's winter scenes really capture the shivery essence of snow! The book doesn't say, but I think these images are mixed-media that include monoprinting.


  1. Thanks for posting this! He is new to me and I love his prints. I might have to order those books! Kind of reminds me of another printmaker whose work I love...Carry Akroyd...thanks again!

    1. Hi Jill- Thanks for mentioning Carry Akroyd. I hadn't seen her artwork and it's beautiful!

    2. I have these books and have also bought them as gifts for any one I think might appreciate them, I love his illustrations!