Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cuckoo Clocks

We are a little over a week into Lilla Roger's Assignment Bootcamp. It's been really fun! Last Monday, we got an assignment to sketch cuckoo clocks. We could play around with different themes and elements for the clocks. At first I wasn't really excited. Traditional cuckoo clocks are ornate, carved, wooden, and with woodsy themes, animals, and people. That style isn't my favorite. But the artwork people were posting was so varied, interesting, and fantastic! So I warmed up to the idea and as I started drawing, I zeroed in on some themes that I liked that weren't traditional.

My clock has a day and night theme. I'm imagining the word cuckoo and the numbers on the clock face are neon tubes. And the stars and decorative circles are lit also. The music is the opening of You Are My Sunshine. In the earlier sketch, I also had Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but it was a little too crowded. I'm going to make stamps to color the birds, flowers, and some other decorative bits, and watercolor the rest. I haven't tried combining stamps and watercolor like that, so I hope it looks good.

Yesterday we got our main assignment for February which was to turn our clocks, or elements of the drawing into cell phone cases. Again, I wasn't super excited. I recently made a case from my artwork and it's ok- I like the art, but I don't like the case itself that much. So I'm going to see if I can find a case I like better. And in the meantime, people in the group have started posting their finished cases and  they are so neat that it's making me excited to do it myself. What fun!

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