Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Art Box

I posted recently about Lilla Roger's Assignment Bootcamp and the "mobile studio" I was inspired to make. Well, it's done! It's officially called the Art Box. Now I have somewhere to keep work and supplies tidy and schlep them around the house to be available whenever I have a few minutes to work on something.

I started with a newish sturdy cardboard box and painted it yellow with some old house paint. I have to mention this yellow paint because it was -I SWEAR- 15 years old!! I guess I had the lid on that can really tight. It moved across the country with me twice. But from the price tag on it, I know I bought it at the Salida hardware store near my house when I lived there eons ago. 

Then I painted it fun colors and added a nice strap as a handle so I can carry it with one hand. It turned out a bit gaudy, but hey, I'm not going to redo it. It is a cardboard box after all.

Putting the supplies in was fun. So far I have my sketch book, rulers, pencils and colored pencils, a folder of cut printmaking paper, a piece of masonite as a table surface, watercolor & gouache, paintbrushes, homemade stamps and stamp pads, and my linocut tool. 

I've ordered some new linoleum in precut 5x7 pieces. It's called Richeson Clear Carve Linoleum. I decided to get it because there is a contest. If you use their linoleum, you can enter your piece and win an etching press! Why not?! Also, because it's clear, you don't have to do a lot of work transferring an image. You can lay the block over a drawing and see right through it. And one of my main goals is to learn to work faster and simpler.

I made a bunch of new little stamps recently and it was fun playing with them late at night. I want to try and do small editions of prints by stamping a background pattern and then printing a black and white single linocut over the top. I THINK it will look neat. So the stamps and clear linoleum are for that experiment. Yay for experiments! Yay for the Art Box!


  1. Love how your mobile studio sturned out :)

    1. Thanks Katrin! I think it's going to be handy.