Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby Sings

Happy New Year everyone!

This blog is having a 4 year anniversary this January! My posts have been a little spotty for the last year, but I'm building up a nice momentum again and hopefully I will be posting some interesting things in 2014. In a week or so I will have info about a little giveaway to celebrate the anniversary- stay tuned.

I'm still working on a dummy for a picture book called Baby Sings. I thought I'd share what is working for me right now as the mama of a baby with not much time to draw.

After scribbles and a couple rounds of thumbnails, I cut a stack of paper to a good finish size. I folded them in half to find the gutter, numbered the corners, and made sure I had lots of extra sheets cut so I don't have to go hunt down more paper if I need to start a drawing over. (My dog keeps walking by and dripping his drinking water on my paper when I don't pick it up. Then it gets all puckery and icky!)

I have this marvelous drawing surface that my husband made from scrap wood. It's the right height to sit over my legs when I'm on the floor or on the couch. Usually these days I'm sitting on the floor while my little girl plays next to me. It's sturdy and handy!

With my stack of paper, I went through the whole book and quickly and sloppily drew the image onto each page. Then, over time, I work my way forwards and backwards through the whole book tightening up the sketches a little bit each time. This is a good way for me to stay loose and not get too uptight about any one drawing. Flip to a new sheet, fix any proportion or layout issues I see, add a little detail, and move on. I'm getting a lot closer to having the whole book sketched! 

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