Saturday, May 26, 2012


I've been getting postcards made for advertising from GotPrint for the last few years.

They make beautiful postcards for a very decent price. There are plenty of different sizes to choose from, rounded corners, nice saturated color, and a few different paper options. I was completely happy with them but I thought it might be fun to try something different for my show in June. So I ordered postcards from Moo.

Moo does this neat thing where you can order a different image on each card for the same price as ordering the cards with all the same image. So I ordered 60 postcards and picked 6 different images to use. It's fun to hand out different postcards to different people! And the quality is really nice, but they sure cost a lot more than GotPrint, and they don't have 5x7 cards. So, it was a fun experiment, but I think I'll go back to GotPrint next time.

I obviously have a lot of postcards left over- so please let me know if you'd like to get one in the mail!

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  1. These cards are beautiful, lovely job with the designs!

  2. oooo! I would love to get one of your lovely postcards in the mail! Pretty please!