Friday, May 11, 2012

Picture Framing

The other day I painted another Birdland print. It's the biggest linocut I've done- the paper is 27x17 inches!

I've been painting prints so I can still have a finished reference in my flat file when everything is framed for my upcoming show.

After painting, I started matting. I've worked in 5 different frame shops over the years and for a while I had my own little frame business that I ran from my house. I don't have a saw to cut frames, but you can order them already cut. And I'm horrible at cutting glass, but you can order that cut already, too, thank goodness. Otherwise I have the equipment and experience I need to frame artwork. That's really nice because every artist knows how expensive framing is.

I'm reusing as many frames as possible by taking out old artwork and putting my new linocuts in the frames I already have. Above are some metal frames I had.

And here are some new wood frames I bought along with my assistant Fuzzy. I think I'll be done framing tomorrow and I can move on to new projects!

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  1. Your art looks great, Jill! Also, congrats on the show! :D I hope you sell everything.

  2. That would be a miracle Marsha! But thanks for the good thoughts.

  3. How exciting! Sure your show will be fantastic!

  4. I've seen Jill's matting and framing, there's nothing better.