Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Custom Phone Case

I'm still painting prints and doing a lot of picture framing to get ready for my show at Off the Beaten Path.  That makes for very boring blog posts, so I've been talking about different stuff than usual lately. That explains why I'm showing you my new phone case today!

I got an iphone recently and wanted to make a fun case for it. A few years ago, I designed lots of wacky plaids and I thought one of those would be neat on a case. I narrowed my choices down to these three-

There are several places where you can upload your own art and have a case made. I chose Zazzle because my friend Tina Kugler has her wonderful artwork on many different products at her Zazzle shop Froufrau. It was pretty easy to use and there are different styles of cases. The one I chose was the Case-Mate Tough  and it cost $39.95 + shipping. Once you upload your art, they show you images of what it will look like done- that was really neat!

And here it is in real life-

I think it turned out really well! I feel so fancy, and well... PLAID. :)


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  2. You can get a skin that fits your phone like a wetsuit fits a deep sea diver-close fitting and soft, not quite the helmet of tougher cases. Getting a harder plastic case is a better means of protection, and it's not as if it's super bulky. Either one, of course, is designed especially for your phone, so there's a whole for the camera lens, and for all inputs and outputs.