Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Our Home

I got mostly caught up on the projects I'm doing for other people, so I'm back to working on my picture book! 

Above is my tracing paper and the art drawn onto the linoleum block. I do a clean drawing on tracing paper and then lay it upside down on the block. Then I rub the back of the tracing paper with something very hard, often the non-sharp end of an X-acto knife. That transfers the lines backwards. But the graphite sits on top of the surface lightly and is pretty easy to rub off. So I usually redraw all of the lines directly on the block with a pencil.

I decided to carve all of the text, mostly because I can! It's fun for me to be able to play around with the lettering. If I decide to, I can erase the text out of the digital files at the end and add it back in traditionally using the computer. So I'm not too worried. Another thing I can do is make a print without inking the text, then I could get a nice image for framing without text.

The top and bottom are the cover and an interior spread, and the middle is the block I'm working on now. I'll be sharing lots of progress photos on Instagram if you'd like to see!

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