Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Things!

I made some changes on my website that I want to share.

If you scroll to the bottom of my shop, you can now buy different sets of cards! And when I get a chance to order more from the printer, I'll add another set with Magic is Everywhere and the cards in that style.

I also added a new page, Sketchbook. It's a combination of favorites from 100 Animals, 100 Trees and other sketchbook pages. The full 100 series are still out there, but there isn't a menu option from my website because there were just too many pages cluttering the place. I think it looks pretty good!

And the most exciting news is that I made a new blog on my website all about creating my picture book, Our Home. I'm planning to self publish so I'm taking advantage of not needing to keep anything secret and sharing the whole process. Please stop over and sign up for email updates! I will keep up the inconsistent posts here on Art on the Page, but most of the book related art and info will be over there.

I'm pretty excited to show off the most recent completed linocut for Our Home. This is the first full spread after the half title page. I'm planning to squeeze all of the publishing fine print in the top left corner.  There are lots of process photos on Instagram and I'll include lots on the new blog also!

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