Sunday, July 16, 2017

CD Cover

I'm finishing up a really exciting project! You may know that I went to music school. And even though I don't play anymore myself, I do have friends from my (distant) past that are professional musicians. Christopher Farrell is a friend of mine that plays viola for the Nashville Symphony and is in the process of recording the first album of his classical compositions. And he asked me to create the artwork for his album cover!

I started with a bunch of thumbnails that were influenced by different elements of the compositions, or images of Chris or the violin soloist, Jessica. Chris liked the tree on the top right and the viola with a bird that is the second in the top row. Those 2 images went well together, so I combined them to make the front and back of the cover. Below are some process photos of carving and printing the block.

The professional recordings for the album will be happening soon, then we will be able to finalize the text on the cover. And after it's printed we will be able to hold it in our hands--- and play Chris' wonderful music! I've heard each of these pieces and I promise they are great. If you'd like to hear more about this project, you can read about it on his Indiegogo page.

This it how the print turned out. The tree will be on the front cover and the viola on the back. I'm excited to see it all finished and I'll share a link to buy the CD once it's available!


  1. This turned out super gorgeously!!

  2. Thank you, Dow! It looks really good with the names and titles on it. I'm so excited to see it as an actual CD cover!