Monday, June 26, 2017

100 Animals Finished! And a Giveaway!

Above is Number 100! And below are some of my recent favorites.

To celebrate the end of this sketchbook series, I'm giving away a print! If you follow this link to my website and let me know which of the animals you like best in the comments, I'll enter you to win the Peacock in the photo below. I'll draw one of your names from a hat on Thursday morning, 6-29-17. Yay!!!


  1. The peacock and the great blue heron are my favorites! I'll share this on my Facebook page. Xx

  2. All of these are so great, Jill! I forgot how much I love your leopard, in addition to the octopus.

    What's your next project? Or do you plan to take a little break first?

  3. Hi Angela! Thank you so much! I actually have other ideas for 100 series projects, but I'm not going to start another until I've finished all the art for Our Home. That's next! ��

  4. Yay for BOTH my winners- Holly and Angela! Prints are coming your way!!! :)