Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rosie's Final Art

I wanted to share how I did this final step on two spreads for Rosie sings. First of all, I thought I had transparent extender for the new white and blue Gamblin oil-based ink that I  bought. But no, I have tack reducer, which is not the same thing at all! I tried some and the brayer just slipped around on the ink and would barely roll. So I'll be getting some transparent extender for the future so the ink won't be so opaque on layers like this.

I cut a mask out of newsprint to cover everything but the background. 

And then I (nervously) went to town with the star brayer. I had done a test with darker blue and it was overwhelming, so on this one I went lighter and used much less ink.

Here it is- messy edges and everything!

And here's the same process with the cover image.

Ta-da! I was pleased with how they turned out. Rosie is singing a happy song!

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