Sunday, January 11, 2015

More Rosie Progress

I'm working on these three spreads at the same time- I think it helps different pages look more cohesive. They are coming along well so far!

I'm feeling my way along here, trying some new and experimental things. From the previous painting of Rosie that I did like this, I know that layers of gouache on top of stamp pad ink will mask the stamps, but not completely hide them. So I stamped these squares knowing that they would mostly be hidden.

This is what I used for the stamps. I like this ColorBox ink best. The colors are rich, the stamp picks the color up easily, and they are archival. To block out the parts of the drawing that I didn't want colored, I lay a scrap of paper over that bit and stamped right over it. I let it be messy and imprecise- a good thing for me to practice. 

Then I painted the first layer of the backgrounds. 

Here is my cover painting almost done. Remember those carved brayers I was talking about? I want to be brave and roll a transparent white polka-dot brayer right over the background wall. Wooohooo! I have to do some practices first and make sure it will work!


  1. Jill, the colors really make the illustration pop!! It looks gorgeous; love the palette you've chosen. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you, Dow! I've been having fun with the bright colors for sure.