Monday, May 12, 2014

The Second Print Book Returns!

Just the other day I got the best surprise in the mail!!! This little book full of prints from artists all around the world has been passed around for the last two years and just made its way back to me. 

I first made 5 of these small blank books in 2010 and mailed them to printmakers asking them to add a  print of their own to the pages. One came back to me blank and one came back after a couple of years full of artwork! Here is the blog post I did about that book. Diane Patmore in Australia saw that post and asked me to send her a book. Below is the Koala Bear print she added. This book has really traveled the globe- from Australia, to Spain, France, South Africa, China, and back to New York. What fun!!! 

Now I will make some prints to send back as thank you's. If you didn't include your contact info in the book, please email it to me- I'm so excited to see this book! It's amazing how beautifully it turned out. So nice to meet some new printmakers!

I'm on the left and Diane Patmore at More Idle Thoughts in Australia is on the right.

Mariann Johansen-Ellis at Cascada Studio in Spain.

Nancy Wilson at Atelier & Maison Conti in France and Colleen Ross in South Africa.

Heidi Mouret in South Africa and Anne Cameron in China

Gretchen Ettlie in China and Karina Zuniga in Rochester, New York

Jaci Ayorinde in Rush, New York

I've actually passed this book on to a printmaker I met just tonight who lives in Steamboat, Molly Wilson. I'll share what she adds in another post!


  1. Hm. I've been having trouble posting things all day. Let's try this again.... FANTASTIC! What a spectacular collection of prints!

  2. Hi Sherrie! It sure was a fun surprise to see this book tucked in with all of the bills in my mailbox. I just enjoyed looking at the earlier book with your print, too!

  3. SOOOOO very cool, what a great idea. I didn't know that Molly is a printmaker. I keep trying to figure out how to replicate this idea.... but can't figure out how to do it with glass.

    1. Aaaah, yes. It would be very hard with glass, Denise!

  4. That is so much fun. It looks really interesting! Because of you I now really enjoy and appreciate the art of printmaking!

  5. It's sooo cool to se all the images here! I loved being a part of it!

  6. What a lovely surprise in my mailbox yesterday! A letter from Jill, telling me my little koala-in-the-book had come home.And now I see all the others.
    I'll email you later, Jill.Thank you so much for this.