Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rock-A-Bye Baby

My friends are having a baby soon and I wanted to make something for their new little girl. I finished carving and printing this block today and I'm looking forward to painting it soon.

I love Virginia Lee Burton's illustrations and she influenced this print. She drew gorgeous trees, sweeping lines of pathways on the ground and birds in the sky, and lots of decorative patterns. I like the way she used symmetry also. Symmetrical layouts are often pretty static so I'm cautious about them. But I enjoyed putting this tree smack in the middle of the picture!

I got Ms. Burton's book The Song of Robin Hood for Christmas (thanks Mom!) and I wanted to share a couple of her beautiful illustrations. Aren't they fabulous? I really like the way she did the leafless trees in the first image. And I kinda borrowed the style of the tree in the background of the bottom picture to make my small tree. :)


  1. Yum! Both your print block and the book!

  2. What a huge amount of time that must take? I love it. Like, you, not crazy about the death wish in the lullaby! (lullaby??)