Saturday, January 14, 2012

14 Wishes and 1 Winner

Yesterday I mailed off these 14 prints for the Wingtip Press print exchange. I will get 12 different prints back sometime in the spring. Amy who runs the exchange named it Leftovers because you make small prints to use up your leftover scraps of paper AND because she uses one print from each set to sell and raise money for hunger relief.

She also takes one print from each set for exhibitions. The prints from last year's exchange are going to be shown in New Zealand! That's cool. I hope my prints go exciting places that I may never get to visit myself. There's still time to participate if you are a printmaker. You just need to make 14 prints by March 15th.

I was in the mood to carve letters when I made this little print so I used the text from the song When You Wish Upon a Star because it runs through my head often. For those of you who want to make a wish, here's your star!

I drew a name from my warm winter hat to pick the winner of my Seasons linocut. Zoe of Playing by the Book is the winner! Thanks everyone for the nice comments!


  1. Such a great print! It's really lively, and the colors are fantastic.

  2. Lucky Zoe, winning such a beautiful, magical print. Also I very much like your warm wintery hat!

  3. Hey, hooray! What a tremendous way to start the day :-) Thank you so much Jill. It's going to go right by my desk where I work. A huge thank you to you.

  4. Yeah! It will be flying over the Atlantic to you soon Zoe. Unless things still travel by slow boat. I guess we'll find out!

    Annie and Anna and you Pen and Inkers, I hope your wishes come true!

  5. I love your "wish upon a star" piece!

  6. Wow...such great use of details and colors! Love how you incorporate the theme of nature into your art work especially the trees in your other pieces.