Sunday, July 24, 2011

Linoleum Scraps

I finished carving my Summer Garden block and printed it today. Usually I sweep the linoleum scraps into the trash as I go but today they just kept piling up on the table. Here's a picture of the block-


  1. Oh it's lovely Jill. I spent lots of this weekend in my garden so I am in just the right frame of mind to enjoy your beautiful work today!

  2. Stopping by via Anna's site. OOhhhhh, I want to pick that flower, so delicate, but strong and sure just the same. I only experienced carving and printing once, while in an art education class, but I've always loved the finished piece ( don't laugh- a simple dragonfly and simpler flower). I made a journal cover with the print block. I've wanted to do it with my fourth graders since, but haven't quite worked up the confidence.
    Now I'm itching to figure it out.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  3. Thanks Anna & Gramerly!

    I know lots of young kids have carved and printed blocks and stamps, but it always makes me nervous imagining them with sharp tools in their hands. I know you can make a nice stamp by carving an eraser. And you can buy soft rubbery blocks now that are easy to carve. They print really well with an ink pad, too! There are lots of different kinds here's one-

    We need to work on starting the next generation of printmakers! You could show them the block and journal cover you made, Gramerly. :)