Friday, February 18, 2011

Earth Day goal

For about 6 years I've been thinking about making an artist book celebrating the beauty of our planet. I've come up with 4 different ways to do it with completely different art and endless variations on text and bookbinding styles. This image is from an idea I had using stamps, painting and quotes. I was trying to make it too complicated because it was very important to me and the Earth as a subject is so HUGE. (ha ha)

I finally did settle on a simplified book with painted linocuts and a wooden cover. Here are some links to photos on earlier posts- painting  title page  cover  carving
And my goal is to have 3 (out of an edition of 10) finished by Earth Day on April 22. Then I can also concentrate on doing something nice for the Earth on that day other than just adding more books to a bookshelf!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Jill I love this! You've really captured something almost unsayable about the magic of star gazing and how I love that bluish green earth right in the midst of it all...glorious.