Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One more block

I painted the print of Adele and Avery meeting but I didn't like it. It was too boring- that's why I haven't posted it already. So I think I'm going to redraw it as a close-up of their heads and upper bodies without all that extra grass and fence. It's supposed to be an exciting moment! We'll see how the second version turns out.
So I decided to do a finished print of the scene where Adele falls off the mountain. It's a scary moment and I have to make it both frightening and not too frightening. Because in the end she's ok... don't worry!!! She's ok! That's why she's sitting up at the bottom! :)


  1. Ouch anyway! Jill, the finished product of all this work is going to be AMAZING. I love the way in this one the raincloud is lower than the beginning of the poor Adele's descent - one of those realities you can hardly believe until you have the experience of climbing that high. Your work conveys so, so much of the magic of mountains. I suspect it will plant seeds of mountaineering dreams in many of the children who read it and it's making me feel a twinge myself!

  2. Climb e-v-e-r-y mountain!! Come visit, Anna- we can go exploring!