Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last 3 Earth Prints

These are the final 3 prints to go in the artist book I am working on. The top image will show through cut-outs in the wooden cover. The second one is the title and dedication page. I will sign and number them in the white space below the word Earth. And the stars are the last page of the book. The End!


  1. They're just wonderful Jill - I can imagine the dreams and questions and ideas these will provoke among young readers. I love the first one especially, with those wonderful curved lines showing the world as connected somehow with the space around it, not just randomly suspended there! I find images of earth taken from space incredibly moving and powerful. The book is going to be amazing!

  2. Your Earth book is wonderful in so many ways already...and it's not even finished yet. Each time I see another piece I think things like "Ooh it is so lovely" or "Wow! the art has such high impact!" or "She's so clever." or "The detail is amazing." or "Ooh, can I have one?"