Saturday, December 11, 2010

Robin's Nest Ring

Looky! I got this beautiful, creative ring from Anna Branford. It's a little felted robin's nest. I photographed it with a nest and egg that were found in my yard. I just can't believe how charming the ring is- it's soft and comfy and well, the coolest thing I've seen in ages. Anna has a story about making them here.
Anna is a children's book author in Australia and she makes gorgeous crafts and dolls also. Check out her blog and her ideas page. You can learn how to make everything from fairy tents to tiny knitted Christmas wreaths.
Thank you Anna!

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  1. This has absolutely made my day Jill! Thank you for such lovely, kind words (and links!) I just love the way you've photographed the ring too - such an incredibly sweet nest and egg! What a wonderful find. Thanks again Jill for such a wonderful trade - about which I shall be blogging tomorrow :) xx