Sunday, April 16, 2017

44 Easy Steps To Follow When All Of Your Art Submissions Are Rejected And No One Buys Anything At Your Art Show

1. Overeat.
2. Be depressed.
3. Feel like quitting.
4. Consider moving and deleting all social media accounts.
5. Rearrange the furniture in your house instead.
6. Listen exclusively to James Taylor.
7. Feel assured that everyone knows that you are a dork.
8. Try to make some new art and have it turn out badly.
9. Become extra depressed at everyone else's success.
10. Develop severe social awkwardness.
11. Eat chocolate.
12. Go to your depressing day job.
13. Laugh when you read about a famous author being rejected 10 times..... What, THAT'S ALL?!?
14. Realize that you've wasted your whole life.
15. Indulge in retail therapy.
16. Indulge in some other things. I mean, who cares?!
17. Make some more bad art.
18. Accept that you are a terrible artist.
19. Look at your website and think, maybe it's not ALL bad.
20. Listen to inspirational podcasts and briefly think maybe you could have some success eventually.
21. Sleep too much.
22. Go back to your day job that has nothing to do with your interests.
23. Wonder why anyone bothers to talk to you at all.
24. Overanalyze everything.
25. Make some more art.
26. Pretend to be happy.
27. Go for a walk.
28. Make some more art.
29. Read a good book.
30. Cry.
31. Remember that your joy in making art has nothing to do with whether other people want to buy it.
32. Accept that you are a dork but some people seem to like you anyway.
33. Be brave.
34. Make more art.
35. Delete your Facebook app for a while.
36. Make more art.
37. Make more art.
38. Enjoy the sunshine.
39. Enjoy your family.
40. Try to believe in yourself.
41. Try to stop overeating but first eat a little more chocolate.
42. Make more art.
43. Laugh.
44. Make more art.

It's ok, you don't need to worry about me. I'm on number 44! Although I might need to take a break from submitting for a little bit and just enjoy the sunshine and Easter candy for a week or so before I dive back in.

In the spirit of being brave, below is a photo of my little girl who is shy, nervous, and most definitely an introvert like her parents. She was so brave and excited to sit on Mrs. Bunny's lap! Happy Easter to you all!


  1. "Make more art" is perfect! I've enjoyed all of your animal art recently. No time is wasted when you make the world a more beautiful place. Love your little cutie pie, too. ❤️

    1. Thank you, Dow! Yes I'm having fun with the animal art, and the cutie pie too!! 😊

  2. Keep making art and doing the things you are the only critic you need to please! But if it helps I think you are pretty amazing too! Enjoy the Easter chocolate! 😉

    1. You are right, Miss Mousy! We are always so critical of ourselves though, aren't we? Thanks for the amazing comment! 😊 Happy Easter chocolate to you too!

  3. Aww, Jill. *sigh* Sorry you've had this rough patch. But I'm so glad you're on number 44 again! I don't think you should EVER give up (though I don't ever disagree with taking a break) 'cause I sure love your stuff! It's hard to be in a field where so much of how we value ourselves depends on other people's reaction to what we do. I hope you know that I, for one, am routing for your turn to come!

    1. Thank you so much, Angela! I sooo appreciate your support!!! xo