Sunday, November 30, 2014

Merry Christmas

I decided to try and squeeze in the time for a new Christmas card. Here are two foxes cuddling in a  holly wreath. This was a fun little print to do and hopefully you will see a lot more card images in 2015!

Here are a few process photos-

The carved linoleum block.

Printing the image.

Here is the black and white image before I painted it. On this print I added some snowflake stamps with white and silver and then painted over them quite a bit for the final picture. I didn't originally think I would like the added snowflakes, I thought it looked too busy. So first I painted one that was plain, but the colors I chose didn't look good on that first round. So for my second painting attempt, I used this one with extra snow. It does look busier, but I like it. It has more texture. 

I'm having cards printed by my great local printer, Element Print. The will be for sale at Lyon Drug as soon as I can get them in the store. Merry Christmas!


  1. Jill, this is so pretty and relays the Peace of the Season. Can cards be purchased from you for people that just can't get into the Drug Store? Do you have a Christmas assortment collection or just the Foxes? Sandra Bennett Schram

  2. Thank you Sandra! I sent you an email.