Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Baby Sings Again and Again

I went to the Rocky Mountain Chapter SCBWI Conference about a week ago. It was great!

Salina Yoon did quite a few fantastic presentations. She is full of energy, enthusiasm, and book ideas- she's published about 150 books for children! She critiqued my dummy and portfolio in general. She was very positive about my artwork which was great to hear. She also had plenty of comments about my dummy that I'm working through.

Tricia Lawrence was one of the agents at the conference, and she gave me great feedback about my dummy as well.

And Stan Yan did a session about drawing repeatable characters, something that I needed. We all drew the same character on graph paper from different angles. We also drew a series of just faces with different expressions, and a series of figures with different body language.

All of this has led me to redoing the story and artwork with lots of new energy and ideas. Baby now has a name, Rosie. (This week it's Rosie anyway!) So the new version of my book is Rosie Sings. I'm afraid you will have to see more images from the book as I keep working on it. I hope you like them!

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