Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Assignment Bootcamp March

This month in Lilla Roger's class, we got the warm-up assignment to draw jello and jello moulds. I was pretty bummed about it and I don't think I was alone. How uninteresting and uninspiring! I did do some drawings just so I felt like I tried. Now we have the main assignment and it's to take our drawings and turn them into a pattern for bolt fabric.

I have been really into patterns lately. And of course, people in the class are doing amazing and beautiful work which is inspiring. But I still don't feel like putting a lot of effort into the jell-o theme. So I'm thinking about maybe using the jello mould to look like a bowl, and emphasizing fruit that you might cut up and put into jello. I'm trying to decide if I should carve some stamps again, or just try to draw with ink. I'm a little blah about it right now, but maybe I'll get inspired soon.

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  1. Sounds a really good idea as fruit has good shapes to create patterns.Howabout layers eg trifle?