Thursday, March 15, 2012

Illustration Show in June

Sorry I haven't been here much this month. I was scrambling to get my picture book dummy done and off in time for the SCBWI Don Freeman grant. And I did! The lady at the post office said my envelope would probably arrive on March 12th. So I paid the little bit extra to be able to confirm delivery but I didn't send it guaranteed mail. Today is the deadline and my envelope hasn't been delivered yet! OH NO! I was so depressed this morning. Perhaps it really has been delivered already and the USPS website isn't current. But that seems unlikely.

In more upbeat news, I'm getting ready for a show at my local bookstore Off the Beaten Path. I've decided to title the show Short Stories and display my original linocut children's illustrations. Some of my prints have text in them. Others don't but they were created for a certain story. And there are some pieces that don't already have a story, but they look like they should. So I've decided to make large title cards and include on the card a tiny short story for each piece. I think it will be a fun show for a bookstore!

Here's one of my new stories. What do you think?

On the other side of the sky where clouds blossom lived a little girl named Rose. Rose watered her garden every morning until the summer sun was in full bloom.

In the fall Rose harvested wishes on stars under the light of a crescent moonflower. She kept the wishes safe all winter until it was time to plant them in the spring. With careful tending, the wishes grew into new stars on the other side of the sky. 


  1. Ah, so that's where the new stars come from!
    I do love your work, whether colored-in or plain blockprint.

    Crossing my fingers that your entry got there in time - it's Friday & maybe their mail delivery is late-ish...

  2. Thank you Katy. It's just so disappointing to work on something so intently and then have it wander around the country through the mail system and not make the deadline. :( :( :( Thanks for the good thoughts!