Sunday, November 27, 2011

Animal Healing Center Card Done

Here's the holiday card for my vets all finished. It was a challenge to work the blue-green of the x-ray room into a Christmasy color scheme.

The really fun thing about this card is that Dr. Andi Kohler and Dr. Craig Stanton worked on some unusual animals this year and that inspired me to include them in the drawing. You should "like" them and look through the photos on their Facebook page!

Here are some highlights-
Star the reindeer got acupuncture.

Chester the rooster got an eyebrow trim.

And Casper the big white dog is selling his Christmas Coffee again!


  1. This is gorgeous Jill! I love all the laughter you've captured in this print - my imagination easily supplied a soundtrack of laughter combined with lots of animal noises. So nice to see your inspiration too!

  2. Thank you Anna! I'm glad you can hear the laughter!

  3. This turned out so well Jill! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!