Friday, October 7, 2011

Sophie Blackall's Missed Connections

I've gotten a lot of wonderful books this year but this one is my favorite!! Sophie Blackall is a fabulous artist and one of my favorite children's illustrators. Missed Connections isn't for children, it's Sophie's illustrations of some Craigslist posts from around New York. These are people who had a meaningful connection in passing but didn't take the time to exchange information or maybe even talk to each other. Sophie takes these short quirky messages and illustrates them with her own lovely twists. She has a blog where she posts her Missed Connection illustrations here. These are a few of my favorites-

We shared a bear suit at an apartment party Saturday night.

You were appliance shopping on Saturday.

I help you almost once a week at the grocery store with your seafood purchaces.

I was the face painter at the party today and you were there.

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  1. oooo... I'm going to have to get this too! It looks great!