Saturday, August 6, 2011


I've been working on an illustration for a nonsensical lullaby by Eugene Field. It's so much fun!

I'll tell you more about this poem later, but in the meantime I've been having a good time reading other silly, playful children's poems and I wanted to share a few.

The Microbe by Hilaire Belloc

The microbe is so very small 

You cannot make him out at all, 

But many sanguine people hope 

To see him through a microscope. 

His jointed tongue that lies beneath 

A hundred curious rows of teeth; 

His seven tufted tails with lots 

Of lovely pink and purple spots, 

On each of which a pattern stands, 

Composed of forty separate bands; 

His eyebrows of a tender green; 

All these have never yet been seen-- 

But Scientists, who ought to know, 

Assure us that is must be so... 

Oh! let us never, never doubt 

What nobody is sure about!

There are holes in The Sky by Spike Milligan

There are holes in the sky

Where the rain gets in

But there ever so small

That's why the rain is thin.

To Make an Amblongus Pie by Edward Lear

Take 4 pounds (say 4 1/2 pounds) of fresh Amblongusses, and put them in a small pipkin.

Cover them with water and boil them for 8 hours incessantly, after which add 2 pints of new milk, and proceed to boil for 4 hours more. 

When you have ascertained that the Amblongusses are quite soft, take them out and place them in a wide pan, taking care to shake them well previously. 

Grate some nutmeg over the surface, and cover them carefully with powdered gingerbread, curry-powder, and a sufficient quantity of Cayenne pepper. 

Remove the pan into the next room, and place it on the floor. Bring it back again, and let it simmer for three-quarters of an hour. Shake the pan violently till all the Amblongusses have become a pale purple colour. 

Then, having prepared a paste, insert the whole carefully, adding at the same time a small pigeon, 2 slices of beef, 4 cauliflowers, and any number of oysters. 

Watch patiently till the crust begins to rise, and add a pinch of salt from time to time. 

Serve up in a clean dish, and throw the whole out of the window as fast as possible.

He he he he he!!!!
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  1. I've loved your blog for some time;I think your illustrations are charming!
    And now I see some silliness-wonderful.
    (Spike was a friend of mine)