Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mail Art for the Visual Storytellers Studio

I got my airplane prints painted and now I get to tell you what they are for! The Visual Storytellers Studio is a wonderful group of children's illustrators that I belong to and we are starting a mail art project. I made 5  of these prints to send to 5 of my artist friends along with some blank cards. Each person who gets one will create a piece of their own art and send it to one of their friends. We hope everyone will take a photo of the art and post it on our facebook page.

I'm off to mail 4 of these right now- one to Alex Colombo in California, one to Becky Gavney Driscoll in Wisconsin, one to Lisa Michaels in Florida and one to Tatyana Starikova in New York. I'm also mailing one to my friend, author and craft genius Anna Branford in Australia!

Here's a photo of 3 of my prints with the blank cards. Do you want to be part of the mail art project? Send me an email


  1. Looks great Jill. I am looking forward to working on mine.

  2. Beautiful card! I would love to be a part of the project!

  3. I got my postcard from Jill and it looks fantastic!!
    Beautiful work, thanks Jill :)