Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Book About Books

Yesterday my friend Laura Wait gave me a copy of a beautiful paperback featuring 40 book artists called Masters: Book Arts: Major Works by Leading Artists. Laura is one of the artists featured in the book- here is one of her spreads.

This is a gorgeous book full of photos of hand made book objects. Some look like books and some are more sculptural. There is also a bit of info about each artist with some quotes by them about their work. Here are Adele Outteridge's amazing transparent books-

And some neat bindings and and a patchwork book called Scrap Book II by Peter Madden-

Also featured in this book is the amazing Brian Dettmer-

And one of my favorite artists Beatrice Coron-

It's impossible not to be inspired to go and make things after looking at this art! I wish there was more time in the day....


  1. What a brilliantly inspiring-looking book Jill. If you hadn't told me otherwise I'd have guessed the last image was your own!

  2. Wow Jill. This is interesting. I receive emails from this company, they host several different style books. I was under the impression that the artist has to pay for there spot if selected. I believe they are from the UK. would you like me to forward you one of the emails so you can take a look-see.. I just enjoyed your website.. :) Have a sweet day

  3. Hi Anna & Sytiva- Thanks for stopping by!
    I'm pretty sure you don't have to pay to be in the book- you just have to be selected by the "curator" Eileen Wallace in this case. Lark Books the publisher also puts out the 500 series of books. 500 Handmade Books is another lovely one about hand made books. For that one they called Steve Miller the person who selected the featured books a "juror." I know they do the same style book for different crafts- they are all fun to look at!