Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let Creativity Take Flight

This block is for a new print I'm working on. The Rocky Mt. Chapter SCBWI has a conference in September and they do a challenge for illustrators ahead of time. This year we are supposed to illustrate Let Creativity Take Flight. In my image, a little girl is flying a kite with crayons tied to the tail. The crayons are drawing a rainbow in the sky. 

I may carve out more from the grass area. But first I'm going to try printing it in black and painting over it with green. Sometimes it's a nice effect. If it doesn't work well, I can always carve more away later.


  1. Jill- are you going to the conference! I'm going to be speaking on a panel for first published writers illustrators- if so we will have to hook up- as usual- very cool to see the process and your prints would look great on the mercendise- am planning to submit an idea too- though think 3d collage will be at a disadvantage- it kicks me into gear for another portfolio piece

  2. Hi Julia! I'm super excited that I'm going to the LA conference this summer. So I'm going to also try to go to the RMC conference, but it depends on how much money I have. I'd love to meet you! That's cool that you are going to be on a panel!!