Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gamblin Ink

A few weeks ago I got some new ink that is just fabulous! I've tried different inks throughout the years and disliked all of them. I was always struggling with gloopy indistinct lines and ink that didn't work well with fine detail. But this Gamblin ink is perfect. It's thin and light so it prints the details cleanly. And it has very strong pigment so you don't get a splotchy, uneven print. I love it!
Gamblin is based in Portland, Oregon and I got this ink at McClain's.


  1. Visiting via McClain's on FB. I love your work! I'm going to look into the ink, how do you find clean-up? I use DS water-soluble printmaking inks but am tired of them going tacky in the tube but the trade off is that clean-up is a breeze.

  2. Hi Dawn-
    I used to print with water based ink and I loved the clean-up too. But since I've been only printing in black and coloring the prints with watercolor, I gave up and use oil based ink now. I don't want the watercolor to get muddy and interact with the ink. So I use mineral spirits to clean. I use the smallest amount possible and do it outside. It's not so bad!
    Thanks for visiting!

  3. I work for a local art supply here in Portland and we love Gamblin.
    Dawn and Jill, you should try using Gamblins "Gamsol" it's considered to be amoung the 'safest' and I can't smell anything when using it. All of those new printmaking inks were made while collaboration with many printmakers and have a much higher pigment load than Graphic Chemical and are more consistant.
    I myself am a WB printmaker that has been turned onto these inks...

  4. Thanks for the tip on Gamblin ink - I am always looking for better ways to print.

  5. Thanks so much everyone. I'm going to give the Gamblin inks a try. I'm tired of my inks getting all tacky in the tube then having to try to condition them.