Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Lucky Scrap Book

Here are a couple of photos of a book I made from old manuscript pages, drawings, parts of an early storyboard, email queries, original reject linocuts, and critiques from my book A Lucky Day. I'm calling it a scrap book since it was made from the leftover scraps that went into writing the story and making the dummy. The cover is an original linocut print painted with watercolor from the first version of the dummy I made.


  1. What a great Idea Jill! I would love to see a post on your process in making these beautiful books! I've got so many pages or rejects & wasted paper. This might just be a way to utilize all the stuff I just haven't been abel to bring myself to through away. Super cool!

  2. You're right, Sam. I should take photos as I go. I will next time!
    You wind up with a lot of blank back sides in a book like this. But then I usually keep it handy for taking notes on the blank sides for the next phases of the project, or even ideas for the next book.