Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ancient Storyboard

Look what I found! I took some of my early art home from the last visit to my Mom's house. I forgot where I put it, but in cleaning & rearranging my bookshelves I discovered I'd put it on the shelf sandwiched between big art books.

My brother and I used to draw on the backs of big sheets of computer paper brought home by our parents in the 70's. The paper was connected into a loooong zig-zag by perforated tear lines. There were holes on each end to help the paper feed through the computer. I remember the treasured sheets were blank on both sides, but most had printing that bled through a little bit.

I think I made this in third grade- based on the computer date on the other side of the sheet. I have since been working very hard on PLOT, and titles, and spelling, and drawing..... my take on perspective is about the same though!

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  1. Back in those "olden days" you already liked pictorial story telling so much that I thought you might do that professionally when you grew up. By 5th grade it seemed you could do it before you grew up. The story shown was fun on multiple levels. I get a kick out of the blocks X'd out so we know they aren't part of the story. -Mom