Saturday, March 27, 2010

Checker Book Giveaway!

Anyone in the mood for checkers? This is a handmade blank book with antique checker pieces sewn onto the cover.
The first person to post a comment here and then email me a short poem or drawing involving the game of checkers will WIN THIS BOOK!
You can write in it! You can draw in it! You can keep phone messages in it! You can note winning checkers strategies in it! The possibilities are endless. 

I have two winners!
Donna Earnhardt sent this fun poem-

He and me
   and me and he
Playing checkers by the sea

"I jumped your king!"

     "Don't mean a thing!"

"I took two men"

     "I took ten!"

"I'm in a groove..."

     "Then make a move."

"HA! I win."

     "by the hair of your chin."

He and me
and me and he
playing again - best two of three!

And Sam Kirkman sent this drawing-

Thanks for playing!!!


  1. FIRST!! FIRST!! :) (am I?)

  2. whew...I just emailed you my poem. It's short. Too the point. Hope you enjoy! (not my best work - but still fun to write. Thanks for the challenge!)

  3. Oh boy we have a WINNER!
    Um, actually I have another book just like it but with red checkers. Any other takers????????

  4. Oh Oh Me Pick MeIIII Oh Oh! Okay, Here comes an email!

  5. Yeah we have a second WINNER!!
    This is fun :) :)